2016 Illinois Indoor Guts Frisbee Open Recap
by Steve Taylor | Apr 04, 2016

With London Calling, Walmart Special Guts Frisbee team won the ninth annual Illinois Indoor
Guts Frisbee Open by putting the Clampdown on Disc Continued two games to zero in the finals
played in Plainfield, IL over the April 2-3, 2016 weekend.\

Walmart Special beat Disc Continued 21-9, 21-12 in a final match that was never close. Disc
Continued looked to be Lost in the Supermarket section of Walmart as they never had an answer
- Walmart got out to early leads in both games and were not challenged. Walmart simply had
too much firepower, virtually The Guns of Brixton, coupled with stellar defense.

Walmart Special was led by the tournament MVP Adam Swanson (the MVP award was a
plaque, not a Brand New Cadillac) who had The Right Profile and threw backhand shots on
Saturday and then broke out his lethal thumber on Sunday. Adam added numerous bags on
defense in the finals. Adam was helped out by MVP runner-up Mike Banghart captain Josh
Tews, Ryan Scott, Alex Tews. and John Luedke. The members of Walmart Special comprise
two thirds of the powerhouse USA Team 1 heading off to compete in London, England in June
of this year.

It was as if Disc Continued was hit by a Train. In Vain they tried but could not dent Walmart’s
defense. They were led by captain Jeff Banghart, who dropped Spanish Bombs on opponents all
weekend. Other Disc Continued members who all contributed included Mark Banghart, Steve
Buckley, Donnie Klemmer Jr., and Tim Meyer.

Third place finishers were the Super Soakers (comprised of many members of London USA
Team 2) with captain Bobby Cronk, Will Blau, Michael Buckley, Alex Nettell, Will Walden, and
Michael Zerka. The Super Soakers fought hard with a Death or Glory attitude but lost to Disc
Continued 21-12 in the losers bracket finals. TvC was not Hateful, they took fourth with captain Dan Leach, Nick Buckley, Tony Hella,
Steve Taylor and Dan Thornton.

The seven-team, five-man tournament began on Saturday with round-robin play. What a great
day for Frisbee Lover’s. Rock music played in the background as discs raced across the
fieldhouse. Each team played a single game match up to 15 points against each other team.
Teams were ranked based on win percentage and scoring margin to determine seeding for
bracket play.
Walmart Special earned the top seed after going 5-1, Disc Continued also 5-1 (#2), Super
Soakers went 4-2 (#3), TvC also 4-2 (#4), Air Aces 2-4 (#5), Dr. Dr. DJ 41 was 1-5 (#6), and
Blood & Guts (#7) finished 0-6.

When Saturday’s play was complete, Walmart Special, Disc Continued, Super Soakers, and TvC
remained in the winners bracket. Many players and friends met at Dave and Jan Meyer’s house
for food and drink including Koka Kola on Saturday night at the players party.
Other team rosters were as follows: Tied for fifth, were the Air Aces – captain Bob “LeRoy”
Sharp, Ron Arndt, Marty Devitt, Steve Desjardins, Joe Essman, and Brian Nelson.
Tied for fifth, Blood & Guts – captain Richard Milliner, Kevin Bickler, Justin Carter (R), Matt
Matuzak, Tom Matuzak, and Larry Scott In seventh, looking as if trampled by the Four Horsemen was Dr. Dr. DJ 41 - captain Ron Blau, Dave Bolyard, Roy Carey, Dave O’Malley, John Walikainen, and TD Dave Meyer (ugly tourney for our team but I’m Not Down).

Thank you to everyone who attended. Special thanks: Jan Meyer for hosting the players’ party;
Veronica Meyer for t-shirt design; John and Mary Ann Holmes for running registration; and
Steve Taylor, Dan Leach and Dan Thornton for providing tournament supplies.

London calling, yes, I was there, too – about 35 years ago, not long after the release of the
Clash’s famous album and while there I saw a Guts Frisbee demo at an Ultimate tournament.
London has not yet seen the likes of guts that Walmart Special showed. USA Team 1 looks to be
extremely powerful. USA Team 2 looks to be up and coming – Good Luck to both squads in