The Fog Has Lifted
by Steve Taylor | Jul 15, 2013

Literally and figuratively. Cancelled flights Monday morning, but I heard the plane take off 6:00 a.m. today. 

The IFT weekend was full of great moments.

The Friday night feed/registration at Luigi's went well, with 11 teams registered, for the most part. Another great spread by Marco and Julie Paulson, who take good care of us and their team.

Two more teams snuck in Saturday morning, for 13 total. After a round-robin of three games (and four for the Keweenaw Mtn. Men), Appleton got the top seed and bye as returning champ, Boomtown and Luigi's got 2 and 3 and the byes.

Lots of great play by the youngsters again. Young Guns, Keweenaw Mtn. Men (first 2 of 3 win), Hipsters, Swamptown Gunners, all had younger players impressing us veterans, including Sky King, who flew over the field! Dave O'Malley and our German filmmaker, Jan Bess, filled out the Keweenaw Mtn. roster. Jan also took one off a hand, his nose, eye, and it was caught! The German can play! Even with a nice nose welt.

By Saturday night, four were left in the Winner's Bracket: Boomtown, Appleton, Luigi's, and Beer City.

The Hall induction dinner was significant for a few reasons: first one held at the Hall (this will be a regular occurrence), great buffet by Connie's Kitchen, and an old dvd of early to mid-seventies action that took us back: Dual at Dawn, 75 IFT with yellow Frisbees, and some old shots that were FAST: Youngman, Hansen, Connelly, Seabourne, and more.

Sky inducted Alan Blake, and focused on the impact we all have had on others: "For the 100 here, you have touched the lives of 100 more each, so that they all know about Frisbee." And, of course, inducting someone like Alan, who played with the right type of spirit, on and off the field. From Alan, "the toughest thing to do, but you have to do it, is to make a call against your own team."

The documentary "The Invisible String" was ultra cool: Our Hall is well represented in this piece, and, as Jo Cahow says, Guts was a great way to get introduced to Frisbee. No more spoilers. Buy the movie when it comes out.

Boomtown prevailed 21-12, 19-21, 21-18, incredible match!