2013 Illinois Indoor Guts Frisbee Open Recap
by Steve Taylor | Mar 13, 2013

“When Chekhov saw the long winter, he saw a winter bleak and dark and bereft of hope…”  Phil Connors - Groundhog Day

 Well, it wasn’t February 2nd, but it seemed like “Groundhog Day” as the long winter break failed to cool off the Appleton Assassins, who, led by tournament MVP John Luedke, pounded the “hopeless” competition to win its third straight Illinois Indoor Guts Frisbee Open played in Plainfield, IL over the April 6-7 weekend.

 The Assassins defeated the Boomtown Saints 21-15, 21-17 in the finals after going undefeated in the winners bracket (again).

 The Assassins looked outstanding with John Luedke playing a precision middle position on defense.  John also scored repeatedly with a variety of shots including a two-finger forehand, backhand, and his impressive fish-hook.  In a repeat performance, Josh Tews (Captain), his older brother Alex Tews (MVP runner-up, again), father Brian Tews, Adam Swanson, Ben Nommensen, and Tim Trauger of the Assassins all played great and deserved the victory. 

 Boomtown was back in the finals at Illinois (déjà vu - all over again) with 2012 being the only time in the 6-year history of the tournament that the finals did not feature the Saints.  Boomtown consisted of captain Mark Banghart, Jeff Banghart, Mike Banghart, Erik Nelheibel and Will Walden.  The only team Boomtown lost to in the tourney was the Assassins.  Boomtown lost to Appleton in the winners bracket finals before defeating Beer City 21-13 in the losers bracket final to secure the rematch.

 Beer City earned a third place finish by showing tough defense all weekend, reminiscent of your father’s “Beer City”.  Team members were as follows: captain Tyler Colburn, Devin Bahr, Dave Bolyard, A.J. Paoletti, and Ben Trauger.

 Seam ‘N Speed took fourth with captains Brian Nelson and Paul Benedict, Brain Beckman, father/son Steve and Mike Buckley, and Ryan Farrington.

 The nine-team, five-man tournament began on Saturday with round-robin play.  One four team and one five team pool was created.  Each team played three single game matches against other teams in their pool.   Teams were ranked based on win percentage and scoring margin to determine seeding for bracket play.

 Boomtown earned top seed after going 3-0, Assassins 3-1 (#2, They’re loss came vs. Beer City, 21-19), Air Aces were 2-1 (#3), Beer City was 2-1 (#4), Blame the Dog 2-1 (#5), Ridin’ High was 1-2 (#6), Seam ‘N Speed  finished 1-2 (#7), the Orphans (#8) and the Young Guns (#9) each finished 0-3.  

 When play was complete on Saturday, Boomtown, Assassins, Air Aces, and Blame the Dog remained in the winners bracket.  After the final game ended on Saturday, many players and friends met at at Dave and Jan Meyer’s house for food and drink and to cheer on the Michigan Wolverines basketball team.

 Other team rosters were as follows: Tied for fifth, Air Aces – captain Bob “LeRoy” Sharp, Ron Arndt, Bill Begoske, John Begoske, Steve DesJardins, and Bill Watt.  Tied for fifth, Blame the Dog – captain David Brown, Ron Blau, Tony Hella, Nik Jackson, John Manderfield, and Rudy Tikkanen.

Tied for seventh, Orphans – captain John Sotir, Jim Beckman, Carson Buchanan, Phil Davila, and Marty Devitt.  Tied for seventh, Ridin’ High (who outdumped every team they played) – captain Dan Leach, Dave Meyer, Dave O’Malley, Bruce Richardson, Steve Taylor, and Dan Thornton.

And rounding out the top nine was the Young Guns with captain Johnny Beckman, Tanner Beckman, Justin Farrington, Matt Matuzak, and Jake Paquet.

 Thanks to everyone for helping make the tournament a success. Special thanks:

Jan Meyer for hosting the players’ party; John and Mary Ann Holmes for running registration; Dan Leach, Steve Taylor and Dan Thornton for providing tournament supplies and running triage; Barb Thornton for the great pix; and Marty Devitt for giving up his spot on the Air Aces to join the Orphans and help fill out a ninth team.