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So far as we have been able to determine from past records and collective, somewhat hazy, less-than-stellar memories, these are the names of those who we know have (1) played the great game of Guts Frisbee® in a tournament in which an American player could have played, or (2) supported Guts Frisbee® and/or Guts Frisbee® players  thru the years.

We continue to add names of new players at every tournament and add old names when they surface.

As you'll see, names are listed alphabetically with Last Name first, then First Name, then Nickname, and then Maiden Name (when applicable). A symbol <D> has been added: the designation for those who have gone on before… to check on the playing fields in the next life… wherever that might be!

You can help with this monumental task! E-mail a note to Steve Trauger Corrections, additions ~ it all helps. Bring 'em on!

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