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Craig Buchanan

Craig “Buck” Buchanan was an original member of the Redford Ringrays, the Cupola Bandits, and the Queen City Flyers. Buck’s teams won the 1995 IFT, 3 US Nationals, and the WFDF World Guts Championship in Japan in 1992. Known for outstanding hands on defense and as a game strategist, he was also deeply involved in the development of the game. Buck was a founding member of the Guts Players Association, Editor of the GPA Newsletter, wrote the GPA Observer’s Handbook, and served as Tournament Director for the US Nationals, the IFT, and the WFDF World Guts Championship. Buck also co-invented the RWLFBW Paper Plate Guts game.


Inducted at the 47th International Frisbee Tournament in 2005

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