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Rules - 304. Glossary

Exchange: One play of guts, commencing with the throw and ending with either a catch by the receiving team or a point being scored.

Foul Line: One of two parallel lines, 14 m apart, the other line being designated as the goal line. The foul line is the line closer to the throwing team while the goal line is the line closer to the receiving team.

Goal Line: See 301.01 relating to "foul line" for explanation.

Good Throw: A throw that meets the requirements set forth in section 303.02(B).

Optimum Effort: The extension of the hands and arms by the player on the receiving team nearest the disc as it crosses the goal line.

Receiving Team: During an exchange, the team involved in attempting to catch the thrown disc.

Scoring Zone: Area within which a receiving player, by extending his arms and hands, can reach an oncoming disc while his feet remain stationary. The scoring zone shall be delineated by an imaginary vertical plane as more fully set forth in section 303.05 herein. Each player has an individual scoring zone to his optimum effort. The team scoring zone is simply the cumulative of the player scoring zones.

Throwing Team: In an exchange, the team who is attempting to score by making a throw into a scoring zone of a player on the receiving team.

Vertical Plane: A plane, perpendicular to the ground, being two dimensional in nature, with said dimension defined by the foul line. With respect to the receiving team, the vertical plane shall equal the scoring zone, and shall be finite as set forth in section 303.05 herein. With respect to the vertical plane relating to the throwing team, the plane shall be infinite in nature, defined only by the proximity of the foul line and its perpendicular angle to the field.

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