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Rules - 302. Equipment

302.01. The Disc:

The official disc of USA Guts is the Pro Model Frisbee disc and shall be used in all sanctioned events. In non-sanctioned competition, any disc may be used if agreed upon by all teams.

302.02. Protective Clothing:

Players may wear any soft protective clothing other than that set forth in 302.03, so long as it does not endanger the safety of any other player. Players may not use clothing or equipment to unfairly gain an advantage on either offense or defense.

302.03. Gloves:

Gloves may be worn on the hands but shall be unpadded, not exceeding one thickness of leather over the palm-side of the hand, which includes fingers and thumb. Players are not allowed to use tack-cloths or sticky substances that remain on the disc.

Clarification: Hands and fingers may be taped for injuries or preventing injuries on both outside of the glove or underneath. When “buddy taping” fingers together, there shouldn’t be excess tape that makes any “webbing of fingers” to help gain an advantage. Only 1 pair of gloves shall be worn while playing.

302.04. Uniforms:

Each player must wear a uniform or other clothing distinguishing that player from players on the other team. In tournament play, matching uniforms and numbered jerseys are recommended.

Clarification: If the Tournament Director (TD) cannot provide a uniform shirt for a team, similar shirt colors/designs are acceptable.

302.05. Cleats:

Cleats are permitted; however, players may not use any cleats which have any metal exposed.



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