About Guts

Rules - 302. Equipment

302.01. The Disc:

The Pro model Frisbee disc is the disc to be used for guts. In non-sanctioned competition, any disc may be used if agreed upon by both teams.

302.02. Protective Clothing:

Players may wear any soft protective clothing other than that set forth in 302.03, so long as it does not endanger the safety of any other player.

302.03. Gloves:

Gloves may be worn on the hands but shall be unpadded and not exceeding one thickness of material over the palm. Players cannot use any gloves that leaves a residue or stickiness on the Frisbee. 

302.04. Uniforms:

The players of a team shall not be required to wear uniforms to distinguish them from the players of the other team.

302.05. Cleats:

Cleats are permitted, however, players may not use any cleats which have any metal exposed.



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