Current Board of Directors

  • Ryan Scott (thru 2023)
  • Donny Klemmer Jr. (thru 2022)
  • Adam Swanson (thru 2021)
  • Steve Taylor (thru 2021)
  • Derek Stone (thru 2023)
  • William Blau (thru2023)

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Latest News

New historical website is up!

by Donnie Klemmer | Dec 18, 2017

Introducing a Guts Frisbee Archive of assembled photographs and videos from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. This was a project of Buck Buchanan's (R.I.P.) before he moved on to the great Frisbee field in the sky.  Buck had spent years accumulating video and photos but was never able to get it all online. Since his passing his brother Carson and his niece Audrianna took this on and, with the help of Audrianna's friend and Guts supporter Brian Susalla, the three of them were able to finish Buck's dream of having an online archive of our sport's history. If you have any pictures or video that you'd like to contribute to the site please email In the meantime, grab a cold beverage and some popcorn and enjoy.