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  • Ryan Scott (thru 2023)
  • Donny Klemmer Jr. (thru 2022)
  • Adam Swanson (thru 2021)
  • Steve Taylor (thru 2021)
  • Derek Stone (thru 2023)
  • William Blau (thru2023)

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Fifth Annual Ironman

by Steve Taylor | Jan 26, 2016
The fifth annual Ironman started with ten teams. Round robin play started at 10:30 am and ended at 4:45 pm. We implemented the time clock with 25 minute games with a 5 minute break between games. This year we implemented a 1 point penalty per minute if a team is waiting for another team to show up. We were able to play all 11 rounds and have a one hour break in 6.5 hours on Saturday. Bracket seeding was decided by total number of points and tie breakers decided by number of wins. 

On Sunday we played single game double elimination bracket with a 2 out of 3 final. The time clock was used with 30 minute games and 5 minute breaks and no clock for the finals. The finals were played against Team Ramrod with Ryan Scott, Jonathan Luedke, Jerico Luedke and The International Justice League with Alex Tews, Josh Tews and two rookies Karl Ploeckleman and Dustin Oetzman. Team Ramrod won it in two games.  Taking third was last year’s champs Sofa King Tasty with Donny Klemmer, Mike Banghart, Jeff Banghart and Will Walden. Fourth place was taken by The Avengers with Steve Buckley, John Sotir, Carson Buchanan and Nick Buckley. Fifth and sixth where taken by Super Hero’s in Training  with Brian Nelson and Tommy Smeal and Comfortably Numb with Michael Zerka, Nick Hallstrand and Garrett Baumbach. Taking seventh and eight were Plastisizers with Mark Banghart, Daniel Branson, Dave Smith and Lindsey Klemmer and BAM with Bobby Cronk, Mike Buckley and Andrew Barron. Rounding up ninth and tenth was Disc who was knocked out because of time running out with a score of 21 to 20. Playing for Disc was Steve Taylor, Dan Thorton and Chris Walden. And Air Aces with Leroy Sharp, Marty Devitt, Bill Watt and Ron Arndt.

Jonathan Luedke won MVP.
Mark Banghart won the Senior MVP.
Rookie MVP was won by Dustin Oetzman.

There were 8 rookie players 2 of which made the finals and 10 players 50+ years old. 6 out of the 7 players in the finals came out from Wisconsin. Young and old everybody seemed to have a good time.