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  • Adam Swanson (thru 2021)
  • Steve Taylor (thru 2021)
  • Derek Stone (thru 2023)
  • William Blau (thru2023)

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Team 2 - World Ultimate and Guts Championships, London England

by Steve Taylor | Jan 20, 2016
Team 2 Roster

Discussions occurred with the second place Albuquerque-Bataan team of their interest and participation. Based on the inclusion of two of their key players on Team 1 and no potential to create a core team, the direction was to pursue filling team 2 with a blend of veterans and youth. Criteria included players who would be good ambassadors both at the event and when they return to their community (spirit of the game), geographic diversity, competitive play and an understanding of the importance of teamwork. A goal of inviting ten players was set.

The USA Guts Board members listed players to be considered and their top 10. This was placed in a spreadsheet for critical discussions. A number of names were unanimous, but additional discussions on each player occurred. Understanding that costs could be prohibitive for some players, an alternate list was created to back fill players who decline their invitation. This list seeks to also balance the above criteria (regionally and youth considerations). 

While this process took longer than anticipated and some invitees had to decline in the end we reached our goals. The following players have accepted their invitation and will compete as team 2 in London.

SE Michigan

  • Michael Buckley
  • Bobby Cronk
  • Will Walden
  • Michael Zerka


  • Adam Gannon
  • Mike Mullet

Copper Country

  • Will Blau
  • Stephen Dudenas
  • Al Nettell 
  • Carter Nettell