Current Board of Directors

  • Ryan Scott (thru 2023)
  • Donny Klemmer Jr. (thru 2022)
  • Adam Swanson (thru 2021)
  • Steve Taylor (thru 2021)
  • Derek Stone (thru 2023)
  • William Blau (thru2023)

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Latest News

Team 1 - World Ultimate and Guts Championships, London England

by Steve Taylor | Jan 06, 2016
Team Roster

The Appleton Assassins won the USA Guts Championships in Sterling Heights and earned the right to select their team. They filled their team with two second place Bataan teammates from Albuquerque and two third place Boomtown teammates. They also added a skilled, younger player from the Appleton area to fill out their roster.

  • Michael Banghart
  • Tanner Beckman
  • Dailey Jackson
  • Keenan Jackson
  • John Luedke
  • Jericho Luedke
  • Ryan Scott
  • Adam Swanson
  • Josh Tews
  • Alex Tews

This is obviously a very strong team and we congratulate every player for making such a competitive team!