Current Board of Directors

  • Dave Brown (IL)
  • Joe Klessert (NM)
  • Ryan Scott (MI)
  • Donny Klemmer Jr. (MI)
  • Steve Taylor (MI)
  • Alex Tews (WI)
  • Dennis 'Wally' Walikainen (MI) 

USGPA Organizing Documents

USGPA Constitution



Latest News

NOW AVAILABLE - FrisbeeĀ® Sanctuary Blue Discs, Marquette, MI

by Steve Taylor | Apr 17, 2013
Get your limited edition Marquette Sanctuary Blue Disc and support the US Nationals Guts Frisbee Tournament to be held August 3 & 4, 2013 in Marquette, MI.

Collector's item! Limited Supply!

$10 + shipping reimbursement

click link to place order, or send your order to:

Include your:

1. Name

2. Mailing Address

3. Phone Number

4. Number of discs you want

A total and address to send your check will be emailed to you.

Proceeds will go towards the US National Tournament costs. We appreciate your donation!