Current Board of Directors

  • Ryan Scott (thru 2023)
  • Donny Klemmer Jr. (thru 2022)
  • Adam Swanson (thru 2021)
  • Steve Taylor (thru 2021)
  • Derek Stone (thru 2023)
  • William Blau (thru2023)

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Latest News

New Website

by Steve Taylor | Jan 18, 2013
Welcome to the new site, this is but a first phase in what we hope will be a much more vibrant and collaborative site.

A long overdue endeavor!

Although its good to get this new site launched there are still a huge number of things to do both big and small. This site is built using Sitefinity's Content Management System which means we can easily allow any number of people to contribute and edit content through a back-end tool which requires little training. This should make the site much more collaborative, content rich and up to date.

Some of the larger tasks still at hand:

  • Work with all tournament directors to created a page(s) for each event in Play Guts.
  • Enhance the About Guts to include more information and instruction.
  • Enhance the History section to include a broader and more detailed history of our colorful sport.
  • Add sections for committees and the Board of Directors

Some of the smaller, but yet super important, details to be addressed:

  • Create a number of top of the page banners which we can then display randomly so that the Assassins are not the only team represented. The trick is to find shots that are taken at the proper distance so we can achieve the wide format we need for this space.
  • Get everyone to provide information for the player profile section which displays players randomly on the home page (email Steve Taylor).
  • Replace the page back ground with something similar but which has some greater relevance to Guts
  • Gather more photos for each Hall of Fame member so that instead of displaying one photo we display a gallery of photos for each player.

We look forward to working with the entire community to make this site truly represent Guts Frisbee. If you wish to help out give us a shout!

Check back often, but more importantly turn a kid onto Guts Frisbee and PLAY!