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2012 Illinois Indoor Recap

by Steve Taylor | Dec 04, 2012
The Appleton Assasins gunned down the competition in Plainfield,IL over the April 21 - 22 weekend to win the 2012 Illinois Indoor Guts Frisbee Open.
The Appleton Assassins gunned down the competition in Plainfield, Illinois over the April 21-22 weekend to win the 2012 Illinois Indoor Guts Frisbee Open. The Assassins, also the 2011 champs, defeated Blame the Dog in two straight games (21-17, 21-12) in the finals after going undefeated through pool play and through the winners bracket. With the USA Guts Tournament Championship Series title in their crosshairs, the Assassins have proven they will be tough to beat this season.

Captain of the Assassins, Josh Tews, was named tournament MVP for the second year in a row. Josh along with brother Alex played tremendous guts. Josh bagged several shots from the Dogs in the finals and he also “wowed” the spectators with a diving catch near the sidelines in the final game. Alex caught numerous throws both straight-on and upped, and fired plenty of scoring shots both backhand and forehand. The Assassins were nearly bulletproof up and down the line. Other Assassins included Adam Swanson, John Luedke, Shane Mattingly, Mike Toll, and proud father Brian Tews, all of who helped guide the team to victory.

Blame the Dog had the misfortune of falling victim to the Assassins. The Dogs were made up of captain Dave Brown, Ron Blau, Rudy Tikkanen, Justin Dudenas, and Bill Gagnon. The team was tough as nails up and down the line. Bill Gagnon put on a defensive clinic in the losers bracket final reminiscent of his MVP showing in the 2009 Illinois event. The Dogs sunk their teeth into the Boomtown Saints for a 21-11 win, propelling them into the finals.

Boomtown, the three time IL champs and 2011 runner-up, had another great Frisbee tourney. The team faced the Assassins in the winners bracket finals, losing 21-12 and 21-14. Boomtown consisted of captain Mark Banghart, Jeff Banghart, Steve Taylor, Dan Thornton, and Will Walden.

The Cupola Bandits finished fourth. Team members were captain John Begoske, Dave Young, Bill Begoske, Allan Beckman, Dave Bolyard, Tim Meyer, Patti Begoske, and Tournament Director Dave Meyer.

The eight-team, five-man tournament began on Saturday with round-robin play. Two four-team pools were created. Each team played three single game matches against other teams in their pool. Teams then played one crossover game against a team in the other pool. Teams were ranked based on win percentage to determine seeding for bracket play.

The Assassins earned top seed after going 4-0, Boomtown 3-1 (#2), Blame the Dog was 3-1 (#3), Cupola was 2-2 (#4), Beer City went 2-2 (#5), the Air Aces were 1-3 (#6), Seam ‘N Speed was 1-3 (#7), and the Hipsters went 0-4 (#8). When play was complete on Saturday after the first round of the winners bracket, the Assassins, Boomtown, Blame the Dog, and Cupola were still in the winners bracket.

Many of the players and friends mingled at Dave and Jan Meyer’s house Saturday night before resuming play on Sunday morning.

Other team rosters were as follows: Tied for fifth, Seam ‘N Speed – captain Don Klemmer Jr, Brian Nelson, Paul Benedict, Dan Stybel, and Greg Garbacik. Tied for fifth, Beer City – captain Tyler Colburn, Devin Bahr, Ben Trauger, Dave O’Malley, Phil Davila, and A.J. Paoletti. Tied for seventh, Air Aces – captain Bob “LeRoy” Sharp, Ron Arndt, Marty Devitt, Matt Matuzak, Bill Watt, and Bruce Richardson. Tied for seventh, Hipsters – captain Carson Buchanan, John Sotir, Bobby Cronk, Ian Colwell, Zach Gierada, and Austin Hall.

Thank you to everyone for helping make the tournament a success. Special thanks: Jan Meyer for putting on the players’ party, John and Mary Ann Holmes for running registration, Steve Taylor and Dan Thornton for providing tournament supplies, and Barb Thornton for her wonderful camera work.